Friday, June 3, 2011

Fifteen signs that you might be a bike tourist

1) You have a serious glove tan.

2) Unleashed country dogs are your biggest fear...and raccoons.

3) You have a love-hate relationship with crushed limestone.

4) You do mental math to kill time.

5) Every time you see an electrical outlet you think, "I should charge my phone."

6) A 50 mile ride is a short day.

7) You grab handfuls of condiments at gas stations/restaurants.

8) You consider Google Maps' bicycle directions function the greatest thing since sliced bread.

9) Your butt has calluses.

10) Most of your day is spent talking about what and when you will eat.

11) You can change a flat tire in your sleep.

12) You can't decide which is worse -the hills or the wind.

13) You think oatmeal and trail-mix are their own category in the food pyramid...along with lemon-lime Gatorade and Nutrageouses.

14) Cleanliness is NOT next to godliness.

15) You think 15mph is cruising!


  1. I know that I am NOT a bike tourist but enjoyed your "signs". Deb

  2. Bahahahaaa! Butt calluses. How does THAT removal work? PS-Congrats! You're 112% funded!! And happy almost birthday.