Sunday, January 23, 2011

Idea: Plan; Goal: Philosophy

Our story will begin on the eastern coast of the US near Atlantic City, NJ in May and end in Astoria, OR in July of 2011 -of course, if everything goes as planned...

Myself and my girlfriend Caitlin will embark on a nearly 4000 mile journey across the United States on our bicycles (route depicted at top of page).  Our roles during this time will not only be as travelers and explorers discovering the natural beauty of this amazing country, but also as journalists and citizens interacting with her people on a uniquely local level.

Traveling against the rotation of the earth will ensure a consistent headwind, hence the title of this narrative; however, an alternate title may be Against the Stream.  The stream in this case not only has a literal reference to the North American jet stream – a vortex of fast moving air high in the atmosphere and major factor in global weather patterns, but it can also anecdotally describe the current 'flow of affairs' in the world, and the resulting action that must be taken to adapt, analyze, prepare, and solve.

The wheels are beginning to turn for this project and there is much more to come in the following weeks, including :

  • Preparations
  • Ways that you can become involved in this quest
  • Useful long distance bike touring tips and links 
  • Updates on trail conditions across the country
  • Rich photographic storyline
  • Video and audio footage

And of course the excitement of what is yet to be discovered and told.  Stay tuned for more updates in the weeks and months that lay ahead...