Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fresh, Food, Farms.

As cars are powered by gasoline, our bodies (and thus our bikes) are powered by nutrients and proteins derived from the earth.  Our philosophy regarding food consumption is rooted in the age-old saying, "you are what you eat."  And in the past year or so, we have delighted, and prided ourselves in creating delicious home-cooked meals from fresh, local, and high-quality ingredients.  When we were planning this adventure, we wanted to stay true to our values; however, after searching the internet to see what other bike tourists suggested for energy on the road, we were disappointed to find only "ramen noodles and tuna fish" as an answer.

The problem: How to live according to what we believe in while biking across the country.

The solution: Travel from farm to farm along our route, purchasing local ingredients directly from the producers.

Throughout the trip we will visit as many small farms as possible not only to replenish our bodies with necessary nutrients, but also to learn as much as we can about the growing farm-to-table movement, seasonal variation in crops, and vernacular farming, i.e., what grows best where.  The culmination of our knowledge and on-the-road cookery will be featured in a full-length cooking guide for biking/camping enthusiasts that will be available after the trip is over.

Research has begun for the first phase of our journey (Atlantic Ocean to Pittsburgh, PA) with very promising farms, breweries, and markets.  Here is a cool Farmers Market search tool that we have used to find some markets where we will definitely be stopping.  Be sure to check out the links under the "Farms and Food" section on the right-hand side of the page for an endless amount of information on local farming and why it's important.

It's hard to believe that our departure date is a mere 8 weeks away.  Stay tuned for more updates including a comprehensive packing list and cool camping/biking items we have found in our search for the right equipment...